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The World's Dumbest Problem

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No ordinary instant soups and smoothies

Made out of reclaimed food, made for the future

Soup at home

from €16,-

Soup at the office

from €36,- a month

Smoothie at home

from €18,-

As a gift

from €16

...It’s delicious climate action.

Powered by Stardust*

1. The best of both worlds

(*)Stardust: The result of applying space-grade drying techniques to reclaimed vegetables&fruit, resulting in a product that is both delicious and healthy but at the same time instant and long lasting, the best of both worlds.

2. Space-grade drying techniques

FK uses freeze-drying and other high-end drying techniques to retain +98% of nutrients, colors and taste. These techniques are so bad-ass they’re also used by NASA.

3. Turning nearly-lost veggies&fruit into premium food

The world produces ~30% more food than it consumes. That’s very sad isn’t it? We identify perfect veggies&fruit that are about to join that 30% and then turn them into premium ingredients instead.

Also perfect for your team or clients.

We’ll make sure everything is taken care off. Our team is on standby to handle personalisation and last minute-changes and will get your gifts delivered on time.

6-Pack / €19,-
9-Pack / €25,-
excl. VAT and incl. shipping to NL/BE.

We're ticking the boxes of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Climate action [SDG13]

Responsible consumption and production [SDG12]

Good health and wellbeing [SDG3]

Zero Hunger [SDG2]