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COVID19 for Gold at Cannes Lions

On why we choose not to contribute to the Corona crisis. What we set out to do and why we are doubling down.

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Can’t be evil. Are we better equipped now, than Google’s Sergey and Larry were in 1998?

“We are at the cusp, I believe, of an epic shift into a climax global economy and a fundamental repositioning of human life on the planet. The ‘Age of Reason’ is being eclipsed by the ‘Age of Empathy’. The most important question facing humanity is this: Can we reach global empathy in time to avoid the collapse of civilization and save the Earth?”

— Jeremy Rifkin, author of “The Third Industrial Revolution”

Not so long ago it was normal for school teachers to discipline our children with corporal punishments. If you were driving and you had some trash to get rid of, you could just throw it out of the moving car. The mentally ill were sterilized involuntary and it was totally fine for a gynecologist to deliver babies while enjoying a cigarette or for you to spend your long haul flight lurking on one.