our 2030 goal

To halve

The World's Dumbest Problem

by 2030

the problem

3 ingredients gone wrong

The world produces 30% more food than it consumes, resulting in 9% of the global carbon emissions, all while 11% of the population has very little food. Not-so-fun-fact: most of the loss happens there where most of the hunger happens. Pretty darn dumb, right?

the cause

The lack of conservation methods

Nearly all food that is produced depends on the “fresh” demand market. If a piece of fruit is ready-to-eat but there’s no current demand, it ends up on a pile and is left to rot.

the solution

Post-harvest food conservation

The perishable nature of food turns the whole industry into one big time challenge. By applying conservation techniques to the portion that most likely will not be sold on the “fresh” market, we take out the time pressure.

Farmers against

Farmers Against (The World’s Dumbest Problem) commit to zero food loss by selling all food that cannot be sold on the fresh markets to Farmers Against food conservation parties.
the goal

Solving the world’s dumbest problem by 2050

Solving the world’s dumbest problem in the first region by 2023, halving it globally by 2030 and eradicating it all together by 2050.

1. Create awareness

Launch a terribly delicious line of food products that also tell the story.

2. Set up the Farmers Against Foundation

The “Farmers Against” foundation is an open source initiative involving a set of best-practices and a charter propagating member farmers to commit against The World’s Dumbest Problem. FK will be its founding member.

3. Maximize collaboration

Engage as many people as possible to join the Farmers Against initiative by enrolling new farmers and spreading the love for Farmers Against ingredients.

All hands on deck

If you feel the need for change you might also feel the need to help. And you’re very welcome to do so. You can simply show your support by signing the petition against the World’s Dumbest Problem.

*petition live on march 21st