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16kg of veggies 
in a box.

Instant healthy soup at the office with 100% vegetables.


  • One time
  • Subscription

Delivery within 1-3 days
Free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium

Whats in the box

  • 4 flavors (renewed regularly) (Nutritional info)
  • 4 toppings (pepper, salt, chilli, sesame seeds)
  • Messaging panel to spread the benefits word
  • (Modular) wooden box itself


  • ~50% of daily recommended veggie intake/serving
  • ~16kg of veggies per box
  • Climate positive! (See impact analysis)
  • All plants, zero crap Carbon neutral packaging, made from sugar cane
  • Ready in 60 seconds
  • Messaging raises awareness
  • And most of all: tastes like the real thing, because it IS the real thing

How much do I need?

On a monthly basis you’ll need more or less:

~4 people ~6 people ~8 people ~10 people
24 servings
36 servings
48 servings
72 servings


You can order online, through your caterer or via 
a soupscription (contact us for more info).


Let us convince you and your colleagues by giving us the opportunity to install a box at one or more departments 
for 3 months. We have nice onboarding and awareness messaging for your team, a set of limited edition mugs 
and you get 15% off.